3 Different Spybait Patterns YOU Should Try

You gotta love Japanese anglers, just when you think think they can’t come up with another light line finesse technique, boom they introduce something that catches more fish.

Spybaits are a perfect example, lets take a small stickbait and add small propellers front and rear, weight it so it falls with a side to side shimmy and use it to catch wary suspended fish. Awesome.

The technique s called “silent capture” in Japan, using 4 – 6 pound fluorocarbon on spinning combos, make a long cast, count the bait down to the desired depth and then a slow steady retrieve draws strikes from suspended fish. Works great during when fish suspend off shore from post spawn until fall, but are there other options where a Spybait might shine?

It’s an American angler tradition to take a lure or technique with a specific applications and change it up to create an entirely different presentation. Some guy in Alabama took a striper rig and downsized it for bass and look what happened.

We’ve fished the Dou Realis SpinBait 80 for over a year now and found three applications the lure’s inventors may have never considered.

Spybait School

Spybait options

So bait fish are flying the water is boiling and fish are crushing topwater it’s freaking awesome. The only problem, they’re all short fish, aggressive smaller bass on the surface destroying a school of shad. Old times will tell you throw a Mann’s Little George or a Rattle Trap below them to catch the bigger ones and their right a lot of times that will work. We say throw a spybait. Cast beyond the surfacing fish count the bait down to around 5′ and reel up to them, then allow the bait to fall below the school, the side to side shimmy of the falling spybait is impossible to resist and the big ‘uns below the surfacing fish will absolutely kill it.

Dock of the Bay


Spybait options

We’re boat dock fishing freaks, jigs, spoons, shallow crankbaits, flukes it doesn’t matter we love to fish docks because they always hold fish. Enter the Duo Realis Spinbait 80, paralleling walkways and the inside of slips with this bait is the deal. Cast as close to the walkway as you can allow it to sink a couple of feet and then a steady retrieve. Once you determine where fish are holding on a dock, ┬álike the outside corner, pause the bait at the spot and allow it to fall.

A Bridge Too Far

spybait options

Bridge pilings hold fish, shallow or deep they are fish magnets. When using a spybait deeper ones tend to be better than shallow particularly those that are 25′ deep or better. Cast the bait beyond the piling allow it to sink to around 10′ and bring it back as close to the structure as possible. Be sure to hit both sides and both ends of each piling and as around boat docks if you find fish holding at one end or another of a piling allow the bait to sink a little at that point.

Three different Spybait patterns to try. As we play with the Duo Realis Spinbait 80 more throughout the year we’ll let you know of any other patterns we stumble on.

If you have any you’d like to share let us know below, thanks.