3 Things that have Already Happened that will Make 2015 a Great Year for Fishing

2015 is going to be a great year for fishing, yea it’s just January 2 and it’s a little early to make that prediction but 3 things have already happened that will make 2015 a better year for fishing than 2014 was.

Not just a great year for the fishing industry but a great year for everyone that decides to wet a line over he next 12 months.

Low Gas Prices

2015 is going to be a good year

Unless you live under a rock or in Hawaii, you’ve noticed fuel prices have dropped a bunch over the past 3 months. More drilling, OPEC manipulating the market, less demand, yada, yada, yada. Whatever the reason it now takes about 1/2 what it used to fill your tank on the truck and the boat. Of course that means it’s not only cheaper to fish it also means you have more expendable income to spend on fishing. More fishing is always better.

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Bass Pro Shops buys Ranger, Triton & Stratos

2015 will be a good fishing year

All the hand wringing and Bass Pro Hating aside this is a good thing for fishing and the fishing industry. When Ranger, Triton et al were purchased by Platinum Equity it was an investment by an equity firm. Equity firms really only have one goal: make money. They have no interest, other than financial, with company and it’s products. Bass Pro Shops is in the fishing industry, while yes they want to make money as any other business does, they also have fishing, outdoors and conservation concerns. The largest outdoor company in the world buying the most prestigious fishing boat brand insures that brand will go on for many years as a boat manufacture not just a line on a balance sheet.

Republicans take over Congress

2015 will be good

O.K. no political BS on a fishing page but this is a good thing for fishing for one major reason. Over the past 6 years the EPA has instituted over 2800 new regulations, including fishing regulations effecting the Great Lakes and many major rivers and tributaries. They have also proposed new regulations under the Clean Water Act that would drastically limit access and public use on what will now be identified as “Navigable Waterways”. The proposed regulation would but a “buffer zone” around anything deemed a “Navigable Waterway”, this “buffer zone” would be controlled by the EPA. This would include not only rivers but any impoundments and tributaries on these “Navigable Waterways”. Therefore, lakes, rivers and streams can be controlled by the federal government simply by determining that the water is navigable, giving them control of the water way and the buffer zone. The hope is the election of the Republican Congress will slow if not stop the implementation of such regulation and maintain access for fishing and recreation.

All politics aside, this should be a good thing for fishing and outdoor recreation.

So there ya go, two days in and 2015 is looking good. What do you think, is 2015 going to be a good year for fishing?