5 Baits YOU need to fish on a Shakey Head

Like throwing a shakey head? – Yep

Wanna get more bites? – Duh

Have you tried anything other than a worm on your shakey head? – Err… nope

Shakey heads catch fish. But a lot of anglers have limited the fish catching potential of these jigs by thinking inside of the box when it comes to the trailer they use. We’ve done a little experimenting here at Obsessed with Fishing and come up with the top five baits you’re probably not using on a shakey head that will put more fish in the boat.

Ward, you were kinda hard on the Beaver last night

shakey head baits

Everybody loves a little beaver, smaller sized beaves are a great bait on the a shakey head. They mimic a crawdad perfectly and a watermelon red flake with a little chartreuse on the tail looks an awful lot lite a small sunfish rooting around in a spawning bed. If you’re not throwing a smallie beaver on your shakey head do it now.


We’re gonna need to clear that field with a Brush Hog


Different baits for a shakey head

Brush hogs rock, flippin, pitchin and Carolina rigging these funky looking creatures took the bass fishing world by storm 20 years ago and continue to produce to this day. Baby brush hogs are the deal on a shakey head, whether fish think it’s a crawdad, a lizard or whatever dragging and hopping a baby brush hog around will put fish in the boat every month of the year.

What is that on the end of that thing

Shakey head baits

O.K. you caught us, it’s a worm. But not your typical finesse worm you see on a shakey head. Paddle tail, fork tail, hook tail, etc tail worms are killer on shakey heads. If you’re using a stand up style head and not adding a little something to the end of your worm like a paddle or split you are missing out. The extra vibration caused when you shake it is like a fish call. Try it you’ll like it.


Wait, isn’t that thing supposed to swim?

shakey head baits That’s right a Zoom Fluke, swimmin or regular some of the best days we’ve had in late summer and early fall have been with a fluke on a shakey head. Those days that start off great, lot’s of topwater action to start the day, then go to heck. Those are the days to throw this combo. Anytime shad are holding tight to the bottom less than 25′ deep you need to try this dude. Plus, throw a watermelon red one on with a little chartreuse and see how bedding fish react.

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Well Duh that makes sense

shakey Head baits Ya wondering how you missed this one ain’t ya. With it’s flappin’ claws the Zoom speed craw is a natural for a shakey head. This combo is awesome flipped and pitched in and around boat docks and wood cover and there isn’t a smallmouth on gravel point that won’t eat it like it’s the real deal. Green pumpkin of all varieties seem to be the best color but is heavy stain don’t be afraid of black and blue.

There ya be. Five baits you may have never thought about throwing on a shakey head. Next time your finesse worm bite heads south, slap one of these puppies on and see what happens.