5 New Years Resolutions For Anglers

That time of year, time to make a few promises to yourself that you probably won’t keep; loose weight, get more exercise, stop smoking, etc…

Fisherman are no different, every year anglers need to make a few resolutions and hopefully manage to keep one or two of them and make improvements in their fishing.

So here we go these are our top resolutions here at Obsessed with Fishing.

Lose Some Weight

New years resolutions


Few fisherman leave the dock without “just in case baits” or “I used to catch ’em on these….” The result? Way too much tackle in your rig. Open up a couple of compartments and chance are you’ll find things that don’t make any sense; wrong seasonal pattern, wrong lake or wrong type of fish. All that adds up to excess weight in the boat and more time searching for what you need. Go through your rig and pull what you don’t need out of the boat for now.

Get Organized

new years resolutionsEvery article you read about New Year’s resolutions say one of the top things people want to work on is getting more organized. Fisherman are no different, time wasted looking for lures is time lost fishing. A little time during the beginning of the year can add hours of casts to your fishing time through out the year. Get your boxes out, clear out what doesn’t work and organize what does.

Save Money

new year's resolutions

Fishing can be expensive, especially if you’re a tournament angler, but there are ways to cut costs and save money that you have never thought of.

  • Launch close and run half speed during practice – Despite the recent drop in fuel prices one of the biggest expenses in fishing is fuel. If you’re fishing a derby there is no need to run wide open during practice. Look for a ramp close to where you plan on fishing and you’ll save even more.
  • Make your own lures – OK, you’re not going to start building Mega Bass stickbaits in your garage but you can pour soft plastics, weights, jigs and jig skirts. A money saving tip that can become a fun hobby.
  • Buy and use a lure retriever – Have you got a lure retriever? Do you use it? A quality lure retriever like a Jewel Hound Dog can save you hundreds through out the year. Buy one and use it.
  • Book early and travel with friends – Another big expense for tournament anglers is lodging. You know your schedule and you know who your buds are. Get together with your buds and figure out where you’re going to stay in advance. A lot of tournaments are held during “off – season” for condo and lake houses, look at VRBO and other lodging options where a group can stay together and save some jack.
  • Use super glue – Practicing and a fish pulls a worm apart? Glue it back together. Rigging trailers on your jig? Glue them on and they’ll stay put for two or three times the number of fish.


Get in Shape

new year's resolutions So we may not all be able to get into fishing shape like our KGB friend Vlad, but a little less weight and a little more fitness will make a huge difference at 1:30 in the afternoon when it’s a 100+ degrees on a July derby day. Small changes make a big difference. Walk a little, eat a little better , etc…. all the things those public service announcements say.¬†You may not be able to wrestle a bear like Vlad but you should be able to out fish him.


New Year's resolutions

Take a kid fishing, volunteer at a local kid’s fishing day, take a Vet fishing, spend time with boy scouts helping them earn a fishing merit badge, help out at a high school or charity tournament, help clean a lake shore or a stream, whatever trips your trigger but give back a little and you’ll gain even more. Check with your local tackle store, bass clubs and school district good chance they’re looking for help.

Simple easy to fulfill resolutions for fisherman. Most of these should be easy to keep and they might even improve your fishing before the year is done.

Happy New Year!

Pick a couple of these or share your own below.