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Men Fishing in Dresses………

On Saturday, March 7, 2015, the Central Elite Pro Circuit, a leader in professional fishing circuits, will “Dress-Up for Dollars” to assist the Fish 4 Tales organization in making the dreams of children come true. More than $2,475 has been pledged by local anglers and businesses to have two men in dresses and heels at this weekend’s fishing tournament at Table Rock Lake, according to a news release.

Ish Monroe – Keith Poche Altercation at Toho


Monroe Booked for Battery, Touch or Strike Osceola  County Corrections


Per: Osceola County Inmate Search

Idaho Angler Catches & Releases State Record

BY:Daniel Xu

Idaho angler Larry Warren is receiving praise for catching and releasing a giant rainbow trout earlier this month that allegedly weighed almost eight pounds more than the current state record. Idaho Fish and Game released a photograph of Warren with his mammoth catch on Tuesday, and the image quickly drew the attention of anglers online.

According to Fish and Game, Warren caught the rainbow trout in the Clearwater River near Orofino on January 8 using a six-pound test line. At the time, he measured it to be about 28 pounds, but state records require that catches be documented on a certified scale. Since Warren released the fish, it is ineligible for submission as the new state record.

PETA to SPY on Anglers With Drones

BY: Daniel Xu

Last year, the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) boasted that it would begin documenting hunters with aerial drones, and now it seems that the group has targeted anglers as well. PETA announced in a press release on Thursday that it would be introducing a new line of submersible drones available for purchase from its online store. The organization is hoping to field-test the new drones as early as September 27, coinciding with the National Hunting and Fishing Day.

Well We’ve Done It………. $100,000 for a Bass Boat

O.K. most of here at Obsessed with Fishing are old, we’ll admit it.

We can remember buying our first bass boat and spending under $15 k and thinking ……. man that’s a lot of freaking money.

Then we bought one over $30 k and thought….. that’s more than we paid for our first house(s).

It’s boat show season and like everyone else that is sick of sitting in the house because it’s too cold to fish we went.

Ladies and gentleman the Bass Fishing Community has “Jumped the Shark”

3 Things that have Already Happened that will Make 2015 a Great Year for Fishing

2015 is going to be a great year for fishing, yea it’s just January 2 and it’s a little early to make that prediction but 3 things have already happened that will make 2015 a better year for fishing than 2014 was.

Not just a great year for the fishing industry but a great year for everyone that decides to wet a line over he next 12 months.

Custom Paint Lures – Does it really make a Difference?

To paint or not to paint? That is the question.

With apologies to Shakespeare (The playwright not the rod and reel folks) this is one of those questions that divides anglers into two camps.

Camp 1 – The custom paint guys: It won’t work without out it. Period. These guys get it down to the finest detail even counting the number of legs a crawdad paint job has on a crankbait, exactly where one color transitions to another on a stickbait, and so on. Most will spend more on the paint job than the bait and are convinced it will put more fish in the boat than any stock, off the peg design the manufacturer has.

Camp 2 – The regular paint guys: To this crew custom paint guys are, well, idiots. The thought of spending $15 – $50 on paint on a lure is inconceivable to them. They feel it’s not only not worth the money but, the increase cost of the lure takes cash out of their pocket they can use for something else.

Who’s right?  Time for a Point – Counter Point debate just like they used to have on 60 minutes, but it will likely become more like Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain on SNL……

5 New Years Resolutions For Anglers

That time of year, time to make a few promises to yourself that you probably won’t keep; loose weight, get more exercise, stop smoking, etc…

Fisherman are no different, every year anglers need to make a few resolutions and hopefully manage to keep one or two of them and make improvements in their fishing.

So here we go these are our top resolutions here at Obsessed with Fishing.