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Find Crappie Deep Right NOW

BY: John E. Phillips

One of the things I enjoy the most about spring is Friday night fish fries with friends and family. But hey, we don’t have to wait until spring. Plenty of good crappie are available to be caught right now and throughout the winter months.

“I primarily fish Lake Kincaid in southern Illinois just west of Carbondale,” Kyle Schoenherr of Oakdale, Illinois, explains. “This lake has a lot of deep ledges, it’s very clear, and it has numbers of rock bluffs. During the winter months, I’ve caught crappie as deep as 58 feet in this lake.

5 New Years Resolutions For Anglers

That time of year, time to make a few promises to yourself that you probably won’t keep; loose weight, get more exercise, stop smoking, etc…

Fisherman are no different, every year anglers need to make a few resolutions and hopefully manage to keep one or two of them and make improvements in their fishing.

So here we go these are our top resolutions here at Obsessed with Fishing.

Winter Crappie Fishing 101

By: Steve Boillot

As the trees lose their colors and fall gives way to winters cold, seasoned crappie anglers know the fishing is going to get hot. Winter can be one of the most productive times of the year for both numbers and size of crappie. Talk to any of the die-hard crappie anglers in your area and they will tell you that cold weather months are the time for slabs.