Ish Monroe – Keith Poche Altercation at Toho


Monroe Booked for Battery, Touch or Strike Osceola  County Corrections


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Original Story:

According to a post on the Opens blog, there was a physical altercation between anglers Ish Monroe and Keith Poche this morning at the Lake Toho Southern Open.

From Opens Blog:

“We got word this morning of an altercation between two competitors at the lock on the south end of Lake Toho. Reportedly Keith Poche bumped into Ish Monroe’s boat in the lock. A scuffle broke out and both anglers ended up in the water. According to eyewitnesses, other competitors fished Monroe and Poche out of the water. Tournament officials are investigating. ”

The incident reportedly occurred inside the lock at the southern end of Lake Toho and both anglers wound up in the water and had to be pulled out by witnesses.

“We are aware of an incident,” a senior B.A.S.S. stated, “We are investigating and cannot comment until the investigation is complete.”

Both anglers will be allowed to weigh in their day-2 catch.