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Springtime is Swimbait Time

BY: Dan O’Sullivan

It’s spring throughout most of the country, and with the exception of the deep southern part of our land, the bass are in some stage of the prespawn period.  They are likely either just coming out of their winter haunts and filtering onto their first prespawn transition zones, or they have begun cruising spawning areas looking for a place to set up to spawn.

One of the best things about this time of the year is that the big females are up, and they are getting ready to strap on a serious feed bag in preparation for the arduous task of spawning.  What this means is that the chances of catching a larger than average bass in your lake increases.  In order to capitalize on this opportunity, you just have to appeal to their appetites.

There is no better way to do this than to toss a swimbait.

Chasing Spring Crappie From Florida to Canada

By: Matt Straw

If you planned on following the spring crappie bite from Florida to the far frontier in southern Canada this spring, sorry, you’re too late. I’m kidding. But I’m not. All will be explained as we track prespawn crappie movements from Florida to Canada, spotlighting unique and unusual tactics along the way.

Tactics morph gradually for spring crappies. The process unfolds over decades. Today, spider-rigging seems to predominate from the Atlantic to the Pacific along the southern tier of states. It’s been the primary tactic for so many and for so long it’s hard to remember things being done differently. What will the next transformation be? Some of the best crappie fishermen we know have a few suggestions.

KVD: Cold Water Cranking

BY: Steve Price

It’s a cold, overcast morning, and while everyone seems more concerned about choosing jig colors for the 43-degree water, Kevin VanDam is already tying on crankbaits. Three days later, the crankbaits have caught 43 ½ pounds of bass, more than all but two of the tournament competitors.

That particular event was the 2008 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell, and although the event was won on a jig, VanDam’s performance underscored not only his own expertise as a crankbaiter but also the versatility of diving lures in cold water, a fact many bass anglers don’t realize.

Spring Crankbait Fishing: The Basics

BY: Mark Hicks

Spring and crankbaits go together like peanut butter and jelly. Wide wobbling big bodied baits that look like crawdads moving shallow and tight wiggling baits that look like shad are just what bass are looking for as the water warms and they move up to feed. Knowing where and when to use each bait is key to your success.

4 Pros – 4 Baits YOU Need to Use Now

By: Don Wirth

Bass are cold-blooded creatures, meaning their body temperature is the same as that of their surroundings. As the water temperature drops, their digestive process slows dramatically – according to “Bass Professor” Doug Hannon, it takes a bass about four hours to digest a meal in 80-degree water, four days in 50-degree water! As the water temperature plummets, the need for frequent feeding diminishes, and bass become exponentially less active. But then, if you’ve ever gone strikeless on a chilly early spring bass outing, you already knew that!

Bass pros and guides are on the water constantly, and must identify productive methods for catching bass when the lake water is frigid. Choosing the right lure is a huge part of this equation. If you’re having trouble scoring strikes when the water temp drops below 50 degrees, study what follows carefully…and heat up your next bass outing!

Spring Crankbait Fishing

BY: Scott M. Petersen

When you are talking locating pre-spawn bass in the spring it is kind of like throwing a dart at a dart board, if it is me throwing the dart that dart could land anywhere on the board. That is kind of how pre-spawn bass fishing is; pre-spawn bass can be located anywhere from 15ft or shallower, so to get on these bass you are going to have to cover some water.  Weather at this time of the season will also play a big part in dictating where these bass will be, what 3 days of a warming sun can create, one day of severe cold can tear apart. So when the bass can be anywhere in the water column from deep to shallow where do you start?

4 Lures You Must Throw in Early Spring

Fishing for bass in the early Spring is tricky for many anglers. Though the air is warming up – a welcome change for most – the water generally remains pretty cold for the earlier Spring months. It’s a time of transition in the weather and, therefore, that transition should be reflected in your fishing technique.

Four lures outshine everything else in your tackle box when it comes to versatility and their effectiveness when it comes to putting early season bass in the boat. 

Mark Menendez: Cold Water Cranking

Strike King pro Mark Menendez loves crankbait fishing. And he fishes crankbaits year-round – not just early spring and summer, like many anglers do. So who better to talk about which crankbaits are great for winter fishing, and why.

“I like fishing in the winter time by covering water instead of fishing painfully, miserable slow,” he says. “I mean, you are fishing slow with a crankbait this time of year, but not like you’re fishing with fly-and-rind or jig.”