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Springtime is Swimbait Time

BY: Dan O’Sullivan

It’s spring throughout most of the country, and with the exception of the deep southern part of our land, the bass are in some stage of the prespawn period.  They are likely either just coming out of their winter haunts and filtering onto their first prespawn transition zones, or they have begun cruising spawning areas looking for a place to set up to spawn.

One of the best things about this time of the year is that the big females are up, and they are getting ready to strap on a serious feed bag in preparation for the arduous task of spawning.  What this means is that the chances of catching a larger than average bass in your lake increases.  In order to capitalize on this opportunity, you just have to appeal to their appetites.

There is no better way to do this than to toss a swimbait.

Spring Crankbait Fishing

BY: Scott M. Petersen

When you are talking locating pre-spawn bass in the spring it is kind of like throwing a dart at a dart board, if it is me throwing the dart that dart could land anywhere on the board. That is kind of how pre-spawn bass fishing is; pre-spawn bass can be located anywhere from 15ft or shallower, so to get on these bass you are going to have to cover some water.  Weather at this time of the season will also play a big part in dictating where these bass will be, what 3 days of a warming sun can create, one day of severe cold can tear apart. So when the bass can be anywhere in the water column from deep to shallow where do you start?

6 Old School Lures YOU Should Use

Ever been to a garage sale, found an old tackle box, looked in it and said what the heck is that? Or been rummaging through grandpa’s tackle box and thought hmmm…. that goofy thing might actually catch fish.

Old school lures are making a comeback. We’re not talking about the antique lures that you see in glass cases at Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s. We’re talking old school lures that your dad or granddad used back in the 60’s or 70’s. Stuff that is probably still on the pegs at Bass Pro because they still work. Many times they’ll work better than the new stuf simply because they have an action the fish have never seen.

Here is our list of the top 6 Old School lures you should have in your tackle box.

5 Baits YOU need to fish on a Shakey Head

Like throwing a shakey head? – Yep

Wanna get more bites? – Duh

Have you tried anything other than a worm on your shakey head? – Err… nope

Shakey heads catch fish. But a lot of anglers have limited the fish catching potential of these jigs by thinking inside of the box when it comes to the trailer they use. We’ve done a little experimenting here at Obsessed with Fishing and come up with the top five baits you’re probably not using on a shakey head that will put more fish in the boat.

3 Different Spybait Patterns YOU Should Try

You gotta love Japanese anglers, just when you think think they can’t come up with another light line finesse technique, boom they introduce something that catches more fish.

Spybaits are a perfect example, lets take a small stickbait and add small propellers front and rear, weight it so it falls with a side to side shimmy and use it to catch wary suspended fish. Awesome.

The technique s called “silent capture” in Japan, using 4 – 6 pound fluorocarbon on spinning combos, make a long cast, count the bait down to the desired depth and then a slow steady retrieve draws strikes from suspended fish. Works great during when fish suspend off shore from post spawn until fall, but are there other options where a Spybait might shine?

6 amazing catches from 2014

Fishing: 6 amazing catches from 2014

Several remarkable catches were logged in 2014, so we’ve selected a short list of those that stand out as truly rare or amazing

There were so many notable angling feats in 2014 that it’s impossible to produce a short list without excluding several worthy candidates, but the following were among GrindTV’s most widely viewed stories about catches that were rare or amazing for various reasons, and deserving of mention on our year-end list.

Best Crappie Combos for your Buck

Everyone has a budget, unless you’re the federal government……… but that belongs on another website.

Fisherman are no exception, everyone has a certain amount they either allot or feel comfortable spending on a particular item. If you’re a die hard, crappie or nothing tournament angler, chances are you’re willing to spend a few bucks more than a bass guy that fishes for crappie every once and a while and a lot more than than a occasional angler stepping up from the Zebco 33 he got as a kid.

NO matter what your budget you want to get the most bang for your buck so we put together a list of what we feel are the best crappie combos on the market for each price range.

What Type of Bass are you?

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