Well We’ve Done It………. $100,000 for a Bass Boat

O.K. most of here at Obsessed with Fishing are old, we’ll admit it.

We can remember buying our first bass boat and spending under $15 k and thinking ……. man that’s a lot of freaking money.

Then we bought one over $30 k and thought….. that’s more than we paid for ourĀ first house(s).

It’s boat show season and like everyone else that is sick of sitting in the house because it’s too cold to fish we went.

Ladies and gentleman the Bass Fishing Community has “Jumped the Shark”

$102,895 for a Bass Boat!!!

Bass Fishing Jumped the shark

O.K. we know that’s Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price and no one pays that price but come on. Over $100 k for a bass boat? Who are we trying to kid.

Boating Gear at Basspro.com

What else would $100,000 buy:

  • A house, actually in a lot of the country a very nice house where you can raise a family, retire, etc…
  • Pay for a Bachelor’s Degree at a state college
  • Buy a vacation home
  • Invest for retirement – if you’re 20 years from retiring an annuity (not the best investment) would still pay $3500 a month in 20 years with $100 k invested today.
  • Buy a business; several turn key franchises cost less than $100 k
  • Pay off or down your mortgage
  • Buy 2, yes 2 new trucks
  • Buy 2, Yes 2 Nitro Bass Boats
  • Be a hero to a Non-Profit Charity

Or you can Buy This:

bass fishing has jumped the shark

Fishing Gear at Basspro.com

We want your opinion!

All of us here fell like that the $100,000 mark has reached the point of ridiculous, but we’re just a bunch of poor fisherman…..

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.